Sustainability is founded on the value of social equity and a recognition of ecological limits to the amount of resources we can use without exceeding nature's capacity.

BCIT is pleased to announce the launch of its first Sustainability Vision.

Taking advantage of our significant contribution to the BC Economy, the newly launched Office of Institute Sustainability is in an enviable position to shed a light on our current activities, and ability to impact the state of practice across multiple industries throughout British Columbia and the world. In the meantime, please be patient as we update this site over the coming weeks.

Integrating sustainability at BCIT

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses everything from advancing the state of practice through education and research, to improving the efficiency of campus operations, to engaging the community across the Institute.


Within BCIT’s six schools and our Applied Research division, we are pushing the envelope and bringing concepts of sustainability and green initiatives into the classroom. Learn more about how education is leading the way.


From Food Services to Waste Management; from Financial Services to IT Services and everything in between, we are working with our partners to identify existing sustainability initiatives as well as help identify areas of opportunity. Learn more about how we’re making BCIT an industry leader.


Priding itself on the efficacy to deliver compressed education to targeted audiences has enhanced BCIT’s reputation as a leader in employment-ready education. Despite this intensive format, the BCIT community has found a way throughout the years to become engaged on highly effective campaigns and projects that highlight our personal contributions to sustainability. Learn more about how our community is helping to create a better tomorrow.

Ecocity Centre of Excellence

A legacy of the 2019 Ecocity World Summit in Vancouver, the Ecocity Centre will anchor the global leadership of BCIT in the restructuring of cities to reduce their carbon and ecological footprints while simultaneously regenerating natural habitat. The world’s first Ecocity Centre will support the evolution of ecocities worldwide. Led by Dr. Jennie Moore, a leader in the advancement of sustainable cities and lifestyles, it will support research and provide the tools, metrics, expert planning and policy advice, training and other services that cities and their partners need to become genuine ecocities.

“There are few more pressing issues today than helping humanity find ways to lighten its ecological footprint and live within the planet’s ecological carrying capacity. The BCIT Ecocity Centre of Excellence will contribute applied research, tools and training to help cities, in Canada and around the world, meet this essential challenge,” said Kathy Kinloch, President of BCIT, prior to the closing session of the Ecocity World Summit.