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Get Involved


BCIT supports the values of team work, shared accountability, and jointly celebrated success.

The BCIT community includes: students, faculty, staff, our neighbours, and industry partners – next door and around the world. Together we aim to contribute to the health and well being of our community, the Institute, and the many people and places that we affect.

Everyone can make a difference – including you. There are many ways to get involved in small changes that contribute to a more sustainable future and be part of the sustainability solution at BCIT:

  • Join the Green Team – a voluntary employee initiative that seeks to develop a bottom-up approach to broad level staff engagement in sustainability practices and environmental stewardship.
  • Participate in events throughout the year that engage the community in environmental stewardship and sustainability practices.
  • Learn about our Ecological Footprint and calculate your own.
  • Change how you commute. Transportation to and from BCIT campuses is one of the biggest components of our ecological footprint. Using alternative forms of transportation to the SOV (Single Occupant Vehicle) can help reduce both the ecological impact and financial impact of commuting.
  • Make some of these choices to help reduce your ecological footprint and save money.
  • Community Stories: Find out what members of our community are doing to lead change for sustainability both on-campus and off.