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Try it out!

Why not leave the car at home and try one of these smarter commuting alternatives:

  • Catch up with your colleagues while you carpool
  • Relax, and let public transit be your chauffeur
  • Contemplate life’s wonders as you walk to campus
  • Get your exercise as you cycle past traffic

Sure we may not be able to abandon our cars completely, but even the occasional bus ride or carpool trip can help. It’s time for BCIT to Commute Smart!

Results of the Commute Smart challenge

During the 2012 school year, BCIT’s Green Team organized a Commute Smart challenge to encourage employees to try something other than single occupancy vehicles for their commute. During the course of the challenge, 1090 commutes were registered by 145 individuals. Of those, 58 individuals indicated that they tried some new form of commuting to work.

BCIT's Green Team

Commute Smart is a Green Team initiative. We’re BCIT employees inspiring change from the ground up.

Join us!