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Walk to Work

Image of person walking.

Walking to work at BCIT isn’t just for the folks living in Greentree Village. Even if you’re only able to walk part of your route, it’s a great option if you’re looking to get some fresh air, improve your general health, reduce traffic on the roads, save on vehicle costs, and become better acquainted with your own neighbourhood. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Here, why don’t we walk you through it…

The basics

It doesn’t take much to get started when it comes to walking – heck, you’ve probably been doing it since you were about one-year-old. All you really need to get out of the car and onto your feet is:

  • A good pair of walking shoes. Those Manolo’s look great, but wearing them for a walk is just… well… shooting yourself in the…foot. Ahem. Keep your business shoes at work, and switch when you get there.
  • A jacket to keep out the rain and wind.
  • A backpack or satchel for your stuff.
  • A travel mug for your morning coffee or tea.
  • A walk-friendly route to get you to work safely and on time. Keep to quieter streets (like bike routes), opt for sidewalks whenever possible and make sure you walk facing the traffic.

Nice-to-have, but not essential items include:

  • Rain pants – not just for the rain falling from the sky, but also from the spray splashing up from passing cars. Trust me on this one.
  • An umbrella is nice as it will keep you extra dry on rainy days, but it can get a bit tiresome to carry if your walk is a bit on the long side.
  • A change of shirt is something else to consider. On warm days or if your route is a particularly long one, you may find yourself a wee bit sweaty by the time you arrive at your desk. Not such a big deal if you have your own office, but if you share your workspace and happen to like your colleagues – consider keeping a clean shirt at the office.

Resources & helpful links

Plan your route:

Selecting proper footwear:

Get going

So, now that you’ve read up on the ins and outs of walking to work, why not give it a try? To get a bit more motivated, why not pick up a pedometer and challenge yourself to achieve a weekly step count goal? If you’re already walking to work, why not see if there is a colleague living in your neighbourhood – ask them to join you! If you’re both keeping track of your steps with pedometers, you can start a friendly competition against one another. What? Didn’t you know walking could be a competitive sport?