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BCIT offers a wide variety of courses related to sustainability and the environment, with more being offered every semester.


For online resources to help you incorporate sustainability into courses and programs, view our Sustainability Curriculum Resources [PDF] .

Advancing Sustainability in higher education

Since 2006, BCIT has been a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), a group of North American campuses working to advance sustainability. AASHE campus sustainability resources are free for BCIT faculty and staff. Simply register with your BCIT email to get access to the sustainability policy bank, publications, classroom materials, and links for campus operations efforts.


Examples of sustainability-related educational initiatives at BCIT inspire other instructors, and demonstrate how sustainability can be integrated into diverse learning environments.

Teaching sustainability

Many people are passionate about social and environmental issues and sustainable business practices, but only a relative few are making a career with that passion. In 2007, Dr. Mark Giltrow incorporated sustainability into his School of Business course on leadership and organizational change. In 2012, the School launched its Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Business Leadership, the only program of its kind in BC. A lot has changed since then and the Program has been updated with the new curriculum launching in the Fall of 2020.

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Recognition of restoration efforts

In 2004, BCIT’s then Fish, Wildlife & Recreation Program Head Mark Angelo, an internationally renowned river advocate and Order of Canada recipient, was an inaugural recipient of the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water Science, Education and Conservation Awards. His Riverworld website features explorations of some of the world’s great waterways, and is dedicated to the conservation of these global treasures. It shows the development of his two world-renowned presentations — Riverworld, and Wild Water, Wild Earth.

Mark Angelo, former head of the BCIT Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation program, has used technology to make eco-minded educational initiatives available to all.

  • The Explore the Fraser website helps learners understand the history, ecology, and importance of the Fraser River.
  • Rivers Institute focuses on the conservation of the world’s waterways, and records journeys along famous rivers. This information is the basis for two of Mark’s world-renowned presentations — River Institute, and Wild Water, Wild Earth.

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