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At the Burnaby campus and CARI site, our Trades Services team is comprised of general trades, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. We address emergency, routine, reactive and preventative maintenance.

At our satellite campuses, we manage third-party contractors who respond to our maintenance and repair requests.

During the 2015/16 fiscal year, Facilities Services managed 22,489 individual work requests (432 per week). Of these, one third were on-demand, and the remainder were preventative maintenance requests.

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BCIT Fixit

Contact BCIT Facilities if you notice a problem and we will fix it.

General trades

General Trades is responsible for signage installation, and maintenance and repair of:

  • building exteriors and roofs;
  • exterior doors and windows; and
  • building interiors, including flooring, ceilings, paint touch-ups, doors, stairs, and general building maintenance.


Mechanical ensures 24-hour central plant operation. Responsibilities also include maintenance and repair of:

  • central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including attending to comfort concerns;
  • central heating plant and campus satellite heating plants; and
  • building ventilation systems throughout the Burnaby campus including numerous chillers, pumps, condensers, and other equipment.


Electrical ensures power is provided for the campus and is responsible for maintenance and repair of:

  • life safety systems;
  • fire alarm systems (including monthly and annual testing);
  • BCIT wireless clocks;
  • high-voltage systems;
  • electrical distribution;
  • all electrical equipment; and
  • indoor and outdoor lighting.

Computer and telephone data requests can be made to IT Services.


Plumbing is responsible for maintenance, repair and safe operation of:

  • campus potable water systems;
  • natural gas piping and distribution;
  • campus domestic hot and cold water systems;
  • fire hydrants and sprinkler suppression systems; and
  • sanitary and storm water systems.