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Client departments play a key role as part of the project team because of their involvement in the process from beginning to end. For a project to run as smoothly as possible, clients should be aware of the elements of a successful project.

Agree to an agreement

  • The details outlined in the Project Agreement are critical for a project to run on time and on budget.
  • Without a project agreement, a project cannot proceed into implementation.

Make decisions in a timely manner

  • Delays at certain phases can extend timelines significantly if other groups and approval processes are reliant on the information from decisions being made.
  • Also allow adequate lead time for planning, permitting, tendering, and approval processes.

Follow proper channels of communication

  • Communication channels are outlined in the project charter and must be adhered to.
  • Verbal instructions and unapproved changes will not be addressed by contractors; all inquiries and instructions must be communicated to the Project Services via the project contact within your group.

Understand the impact of scope changes

  • Project design detailed in drawings and specifications are the basis for the contractor’s legal contract, and changes can only be made with Project Services’ approval as they can affect outcomes and costs.
  • Contractors will provide cost and time delay estimates for any proposed changes. Project revision costs beyond the approved budget are funded by the client department.

Respect construction site safety regulations

  • The contractor is responsible for construction site safety according to Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) regulations.
  • Site access is limited and controlled by the contractor and Project Services.
  • BCIT internal staff are restricted from the site unless they have contractor or Project Services’ approval.
  • BCIT internal staff who are granted permission on-site must obey regulations stipulated by the contractor and Project Services.