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Over the next year BCIT will be updating many of its washroom stalls to be all-gender facilities.

All-gender washrooms are available to anyone no matter their gender. These types of washrooms are either single-occupancy or multi-stall.

Adding additional all-gender washrooms is a part of our Institute commitment to equity and inclusion for all students, staff members, and other campus users. We want to create a campus environment that is modern, welcoming, and where no one is excluded from essential facilities.

Changes that reduce barriers to access essential facilities for all populations including gender-diverse folks, also improve access for all other users.

The Respect Diversity and Inclusion Office and Campus Planning and Facilities have consulted extensively with campus stakeholders and independent consultants to develop a plan for the Institute.

This will add to the existing accessible facilities on our campuses.  Download a map of existing all-gender facilities.


 Existing All-Gender Washroom Locations and Planned Upgrades (2023-24)

Planned and Existing all gender Washrooms on burnaby campus


New Facilities

NE1 accessible washroom

The newly opened facility is on the second level on NE1. The (119 square meter; 1,280 square foot) renovated washroom facility has eight fully private individual toilet stalls, four of which are designed specifically for users with accessibility needs. There are also two additional fully accessible “universal” washrooms complete with their own sink, as well as baby change tables.

Frequently Asked Questions