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Submitting a maintenance work request

If you need to submit a work request, please see the information below:

Key contacts
All requests, including emergency (24-hr) 604-432-8777
Non-emergency (24-hr) submit
an online work request

Staff requests

Student requests

Please see the following chart for details on how we process work requests at BCIT.

Facilities request workflow

down arrow
Is this a request for Facilities Services?
Review the Trades Services offered services.
right arrow
IT Services
down arrow
Note the following details:
Building/Room numbers, possible safety hazards, specifics of situation

down arrow

Is this an Emergency?
Emergencies include: people stuck in elevators, floods, strong smell of gas, power outage, broken glass
right arrow
Immediately call
Facilities Service Desk
down arrow
Submit Facilities Request

down arrow

Request is automatically routed to the appropriate work team based on the problem type selected. You will receive an auto-generated email confirmation. Please save this Work Request number for future reference.

When Facilities Services completes the work, you will be sent an auto-notification email. If you have any questions, please record your work request number.

Please Note: Your work may be part of a larger issue or one of several requests for the same work. If you receive a “Work Request Complete” notification and your work does not seem to be complete, please contact the Facilities Service Desk for details, rather than submitting another request for the same work.

A few important details

Requests are assigned upon receipt during regular office hours. Facilities staff use work requests to track and manage our work as well as communicate status updates via email to the requestor.

When calling or emailing for additional information, please have your request number ready. Requests are assigned based on the type of maintenance required and are addressed when resources are available. Do not submit duplicate requests for the same issue as multiple requests will not advance placement in the queue.

Billable expenses

Requests which are not related to the maintenance of building functions and occupant services are billable to the requestor’s department. Common billable expenses include:

  • Labour and equipment for special event set-up
  • Furniture keys and lock
  • Painting (minor)
  • Carpeting/flooring
  • Replacement of ceiling tiles