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Large image of a pink cherry blossom tree and two people walking beside it on the sidewalk..

From parking lots to tree zones and protected riparian areas, our campuses cover over 622,300 m2 (153.8 acres). Facilities Services staff manage third-party contractors who provide grounds, landscaping and pest control services. The contractors are monitored by a system of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that assess quality of services provided.


BCIT’s current landscaping standards focus on the implementation of best practices for sustainable maintenance, including replacing invasive species with native species when possible. We also recycle and compost all green waste generated through landscaping activities.

Large landscaping image of a green bush, tree with red blossoms.Grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance applies to hardscape (or paved areas) maintenance and related services. Responsibilities include:

  • Concrete repairs to sidewalks and walkways
  • Asphalt repairs to parking lots, roadways and fire lanes
  • Irrigation system maintenance & repair
  • Snow and ice removal plan
  • Salting of walkways and stairs

Landscaping image of green trees standing in the middle of green grass.Landscaping

With over 1,000 inventoried trees on site, BCIT’s Burnaby campus has a number of specimen trees with strong retention value. These trees were planted as part of the Institute’s past educational legacy. Guichon Creek is also maintained regularly to protect and provide important ecosystem benefits such as storm water mitigation, improvement of air quality, and riparian area enhancement.

Planting beds with shrubs, ground cover and vines are maintained with elements of pest control and water conservation.

The following landscaping services are delivered:

  • Aeration
  • Watering
  • Lawn cutting
  • Leaf removal
  • Service of planted areas, weed control, shrubs
  • Pruning of trees

Invasive species

As part of the landscaping work of campus we are introducing a program to manage the invasive plant species on campus. This will help encourage natural biodiversity and support the restoration of areas on campus.

Read the Invasive Species Management plan.

Foraging and Edible Gardens

BCIT has a network of edible gardens. Planting fruit trees, and other edible plants is part of our strategy to encourage pollinators like bees, and birds.

This supports biodiversity as well as providing foraging opportunities for those on campus.

View our Foraging Map here.

Integrated pest management

Our Integrated Pest Management program is comprised of outdoor and indoor trapping and baiting programs that are scheduled daily, weekly and monthly. A pest control contractor is engaged for the trapping and baiting work and applies the most current, effective and environmentally responsible techniques.

Burnaby Campus is serviced weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. Please notify Facilities Services at 604-432-8777 or submit a work request if you encounter any pest or rodent problems.