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phase 1-4 campus plan grey bar chart with lime green as the last section.

The Campus Plan provides a roadmap to future development to support BCIT’s vision and mission. It provides a link between the Institute’s Strategic and Business Plans and the long-range physical development of our campus over time by guiding development and renewal opportunities.

What has been done so far?

1. Background analysis – 2013–2014

During 2013–2016, BCIT completed some basic homework to gather information and explore opportunities related to:

  • Trends in polytechnic education across North America
  • Trends in campus planning
  • Transportation patterns
  • Parking needs
  • Student housing needs
  • Condition of existing buildings
  • Enrollment trends and forecasts for BCIT
  • Opportunities for compatible non-BCIT uses such as industry partners, office space, and housing

2. Planning Directions – June 2015–August 2016

In the fall of 2015, BCIT’s Campus Development Division began an initial engagement process to identify Emerging Directions and Priorities for the Campus Plan to consider. This included an online Campus Community Priorities survey which gathered input from students, staff, faculty, and alumni from November 16 to December 11, 2015.

3. Community engagement (Phase 1) – October–November 2017

A series of engagements events (Open Houses and Pop-up Surveys) at the Burnaby and Downtown Campus.

Community Engagement Event Date Details
Pre-launch meetings October 10 & 17, 2016 Three meetings with a total of 25 people representing faculty, staff, and student associations to fine-tune engagement plan.
Engagement Launch Event October 26, 2016 Informal conversations with over 200 students and staff. See the information panels and comments [PDF].
Pop-up Survey #1 (Transit) October 26, 2016 90 completed surveys.
Open House #1 November 2 & 3, 2016 118 post-it comments [PDF] on information panels, many more conversations. See the information panels and comments [PDF].
Pop-up Survey #2 (Parking) November 3, 2016 225 completed surveys.
Open House #2 (Downtown) November 9, 2016 87 post-it comments [PDF] on information panels and many more conversations. See the information panels and comments [PDF].
Pop-up Survey #3 (Housing & Amenities) November 9, 2016 144 completed surveys.
Workshop with Student Association November 14, 2016 30 students; 50 comments and ideas about Innovation; 57 comments and ideas about Transportation + Parking; 74 comments and ideas about Places + Amenities. See the summary [PDF].
Pop-up Survey #4 (Industry Partners) November 17, 2016 202 completed surveys.
Pop-up Survey #5 (Innovation) November 24, 2016 163 completed surveys.
Surveys October 26 – November 24, 2016
Survey* # of completed surveys
Pop-up on campus Online Total
Transit 90 283 373
Parking 225 266 491
Housing & Amenities 144 162 306
Industry Partners 202 127 329
Innovation & Collaboration 163 157 320
TOTAL 824 995 1,819
(*click survey name for full results)

To see what was presented at these events and learn about what we heard from you, visit the Current Information and Reports page.

4. Community engagement (Phase 2) – April 2017

Two Open Houses were held during April 2017 to present information gathered from design studies and technical workshops conducted during the Spring of 2017 to examine key elements of the emerging plan.

Phase 2 Details
Transportation Workshop
(March 8, 2017)
Thirty-one attendees including BCIT students, staff, faculty, TransLink, engineering consultant, transportation consultant, land owner and employer from area, BCIT Bike Committee, consultant planning team.
Key Messages:

  • Be more proactive to encourage car-pooling and sharing
  • Understand role parking pricing plays in decision making
  • Lobby TransLink (with neighbours) for transit improvements
  • Improve first and last 100 metres of trips
  • Build a resilient strategy that can adapt to technology changes (e.g. autonomous vehicles)
Student Housing Workshop
(March 29, 2017)
Twenty-two attendees including BCIT students, staff, Director of UBC Student Housing, consultant team.
Key Messages:

  • Good support for more on-campus housing
  • Good support for housing in core locations
  • Target a variety of submarkets with different types of housing and rental terms
  • Private sector funding is okay, providing BCIT remains in control of operations
Student Association Workshop
(April 3, 2017)
Approximately 30 attendees.
The session explored student response to concept plan ideas for the Framework, the Yard, and the Crossroads. Strong support and some good ideas for refining the concepts.
Open House #4
(April 5 & 6, 2017
To present Draft Plan concepts.
Held one day in NE1, one day in SE2. Attended by approximately 400, with 119 completing comment sheets.

To see what was presented at the April Open Houses and what we heard from you, visit the Current Information and Reports page.

5. Board of Governors Approval (in principle) – May 29, 2018

BCIT’s Board of Governors (BOG) granted approval in principle and authorized staff to advance to Phase IV. Staff will initiate the zoning approval process with the City of Burnaby.

6. Municipal approvals and implementation – Summer 2018–Spring 2019

City of Burnaby approval process begins.