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We work to provide a clean and safe environment for our campus community to learn and work in.

We use standards set by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA) to set custodial tasks and frequencies. Our normal operations cover daytime, afternoon and evening shifts to make sure the 242,000 m2 (2,604,000 ft2) of occupied space is cleaned regularly at all of our campuses.


BCIT complies with APPA cleaning standards and operates under the LEED Green Cleaning program.

Emergency clean-up

Please report issues to the Facilities Service Desk to have them addressed immediately:

  • Liquid spills in hallways or stairwells that may pose a slipping hazard
  • Slippery floors due to rain or snow
  • Ceiling or roof leaks
  • Carpet spills, such as coffee, juice, food or ink
  • Toilets overflowing or not flushing
  • Smells of fumes or strong odours

Special requests

For additional custodial services including special events clean-up, please submit a request:

Waste removal services

Facilities Services provides extensive recycling, composting, and waste removal services. To facilitate these services, different bins are used to collect different waste materials separately.

Find out more about the waste removal services, including information on how to separate waste for collection and our extensive recycling program.