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Project Management undertakes coordination of capital projects on BCIT’s campuses. Information on other projects can be found on the Current Projects, Future Projects, and Campus Notices pages.


INCS Lab (Industrial Network Cyber Security)

The new 1500-sq ft lab was completed in 14 months. This space is a state of the art facility that provides students with a highly functional learning environment located at BCIT’s Burnaby Campus.

Telus Theatre - post rennovation 2021 - Back Theatre towards Front - East

SE06 TELUS Theatre Renovation

This $1 million refurbishment of the 2nd largest lecture hall at BCIT’s Burnaby campus includes new seats that have integral power supplies for students to bring their own devices, a new audio-visual system, new acoustic treatments on the walls and parts of the ceiling, and improvements to accessibility.

Substation K Electrical Service

$7.7 million project for the Substation K Electrical Service replacement aimed at establishing a new 25KV compatible BC Hydro Kiosk.

North Campus Infrastructure Project

$46.9 million essential infrastructure upgrade at Burnaby Campus including the replacement of the Canada Way substation.

Burnaby Campus SW01 Renovation

This renovation provides more private student project rooms. These offer small meeting rooms complete with large monitors and laptop plug-in points for students to work collaboratively.

Other completed projects

  • Burnaby – Wayfinding19 – New Exterior Wayfinding Signs
  • SW01 INCS Lab and Classroom Renovation
  • BSW01 – Conversion of Lab to Regular Classroom
  • BSW02 – Upgrade Elevator
  • BSW01- Cleaning of Building Exterior
  • SE12 – Acoustical Upgrades
  • BSW01 – New Office for Parking Services Team
  • BSW01 – New Offices for OH&S Team
  • BNE01 – Two New Student Project Rooms on 3rd Floor
  • BNW03 Environmental Chamber Delivery Installation
  • BSW09 – Renovated Staff Lounge on the 2nd Floor
  • BSE02 – New Room Divider for Town Square A & B
  • CARI – Classroom and Accessibility Improvements
  • CARI Classroom and Accessibility Improvements
  • DTC – Fire Alarm Upgrade
  • BMC – Marine Welding Program Power Upgrade
  • BMC Envelope and Power Washing
  • DTC/ 7TH Floor Renovation 780
  • DTC – Switch 20 25KVA Study
  • DTC Main Entrance Upgrade
  • DTC Mezzanine Level Fitness Centre Renovation
  • ATC – Bridgeman Renovation 4TH FLR
  • ATC – TGC Tenant Renovation 4TH FLR
  • ATC – Square 20 Renovation 4TH FLR
  • ATC Glazing Replacement