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Campus Planning and Facilities Contacts

The Campus Planning and Facilities office is located at the Burnaby Campus on the second floor of NE9, at the southwest corner of Canada Way and Beta Avenue.

Facilities service desk
Hours 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday
Phone 604-432-8777
Mailing Address BCIT Campus Planning and Facilities
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC     V5G 3H2

Maintenance work requests

All Campuses (24-hr) 604-432-8777
Non-emergency (24-hr)

Staff requests

Student requests

Existing Requests

When calling or emailing for additional information, please have your requisition number ready.

Requests are reviewed and assigned based on the type of maintenance required and are addressed when resources are available.

Do not submit duplicate requests for the same issue as multiple requests will not advance placement in the queue.

Key personnel

Campus Planning and Facilities Department
Danica Djurkovic
Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Facilities
Jessica Chan
Confidential Assistant
Roxana Taheri
Manager, Finance and Operations
Brian Kim
Associate Director, Capital Finance
Ben Hill
Manager, Communication and Service Improvement
Maxie Pena
Manager, Project Management Accounting
Campus Planning Division
Craig Sidjak
Director, Campus Planning
Chris Forrest
Campus Plan Architect
Celene Fung
Senior Development Planner
Amy Cheung
Senior Project Manager
Facilities Services Division
Mahsoo Naderi
Director, Facilities Services
Tariq Din
Associate Director, Facilities Services
Nikhil Agrawal
Manager, Energy
McKen Cheung
Manager, Mechanical
Responsible for: Campus energy, including building controls Responsible for: Mechanical Trades, HVAC, and Plumbing

Terence Cormack

Interim Manager, Specialty Campuses

Adam Dickinson

Manager, Transportation, Landscape and Grounds

Responsible for: BCIT Specialty Campuses (AIC, ATC, BMC, DTC) Responsible for: Grounds and Landscaping, Parking, and Transportation
Aidan McDonnell
Interim Manager, Electrical Trades
Joanne Turnbull
Manager, Facilities Operations
Responsible for: Electrical, and General Trades Responsible for: Custodial and Recycling
Facilities Development Division
Natalka Lubiw
Director, Facilities Development
Christie Paxton
Senior Project Manager
Rochelle Hill
Senior Project Manager
Sandra Dimitrijevic
Senior Project Manager
Facilities Improvements Division
Joe Cosh
Director, Facilities Improvements
Fergus Denomey
Project Manager
Glenda Dominguez
Project Manager
Paul Drexler
Project Manager
Ryan Jacobs
Senior Project Manager

Departmental Org Chart