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Community engagement

– Phase 1 (October to December 2016)

During October and November, 2016 we heard from students, faculty, staff, and others who attended Open house sessions, participated in pop-up surveys on campus, and completed the five surveys posted on-line. We also had meetings with faculty and a workshop session with the BCIT Student Association Council.

By the numbers, you provided about 400 comments and ideas at open houses and workshops, completed over 1,800 surveys, and engaged in over 1,000 informal conversations with the planning team.

Campus Plan Launch Information [PDF], October 2016

Open House #1 Burnaby Campus Information [PDF], November 2 & 3, 2016

Open House #1 Comment Transcript [PDF], November 2 & 3, 2016

Open House #2 Downtown Campus Information [PDF], November 9, 2016

Open House #2 Comment Transcript [PDF], November 9, 2016

Student Council Workshop Feedback [PDF], November 14, 2016

Open House #3 Campus Plan Survey Results Information [PDF], November 30 & December 1, 2016

Your comments and suggestions together with technical background work helped generate ideas for planning directions to shape the plan. People who dropped by Open House #3 (November 30 and December 1, 2016) strongly supported the planning directions shown below:

Photo of planning directions posters standing on easels.
Planning Directions Response indicated at Open House #3 – November 30 & December 1, 2016
Campus Environment & Experience Agree Disagree
Accommodate more housing options … student residences, rental housing, and overnight accommodation 61 2
Create a denser campus core… more animated, more events, pedestrian friendly 68 1
Include more retail, service amenities 43 5
Improve food options…better quality and variety 108 0
Create more and better spaces for relaxing, studying, meeting… indoors and outdoor 56 1
Improve the safety of circulation…for pedestrians and cyclists 21 0
Add more green spaces…including urban character and natural character areas 66 0
Improve recreation and fitness facilities 55 4
Sustainability Agree Disagree
Reduce energy consumption and visibly monitor energy use 69 2
Expand and improve on-campus recycling systems 63 2
More demonstration projects –promote sustainable building design and green energy 60 1
Innovation & Collaboration Agree Disagree
Attract industry partners that can offer benefits to BCIT, students, and faculty 79 2
Integrate digital and physical infrastructure planning for the teaching and learning environment 50 2
Provide more supports for collaboration…flexible space, room booking systems, white boards, charging stations, adaptable furniture, networking apps, digital library resources. 83 1
Use group projects, competitions, and support for student clubs to stimulate collaboration across departments. 42 1
Build opportunities for collaboration and informal networking into program scheduling 35 2
Improve on-line courses by standardizing platforms and formats 29 1
Transportation & Parking Agree Disagree
Work with TransLink and Burnaby toward better transit service 130 0
Work with Burnaby on better cycle routes to the campus 46 10
Develop new BCIT apps and incentives to promote carpooling 53 1
Recognize that there will continue to be a need for parking because for some, a car is the only option Added after Open House

– Phase 2 (April 2017)

Open House #4 Information [PDF], April 5 & 6, 2017

Bar graph in green yellow and blue citing community engagement feedback 2017

Feedback from Open House #4 showed strong support for the Draft Plan. Over the course of two days, the April Open houses saw 400 attendees and received 119 comment sheets. Here are the results:

Priorities survey (Fall 2015)

In the Fall 2015, Campus Development Division began identifying Emerging Directions through Initial Consultation. This included a Campus Community Priorities Survey, which was a web-based survey that identified key priorities based on the experience of students, staff, faculty and alumni. From Nov 16 to Dec 11, 2015, all students, faculty, staff, and alumni had the opportunity to provide feedback through the online survey.

Thank you to members of the BCIT community for participating in our Campus Plan Priorities Survey. The survey results were analyzed and summarized into categories that best reflect the topics of discussion received from open-ended questions. The PDF reports below will provide anonymous feedback from participants of the survey.

Click the titles below to view the summarized reports in PDF:

Transportation [PDF] (160 comments)
Sustainability [PDF] (77 comments)
Cycling and Walking [PDF] (117 comments)
Parking [PDF] (62 comments)
Greenspace [PDF] (160 comments)
Top 3 [PDF] (Summarized all results to find top 3)
Community [PDF] (114 comments)
Facilities [PDF] (258 comments)
Your Campus [PDF]

Full unedited results of the survey are available here [PDF].

What else did we learn?

Here are some highlights of the survey results.

We asked respondents to rank the sustainability topics below. The average weighted ranking is:

  1. Improve building energy performance
  2. Reduce solid waste sent to landfills
  3. Ecological preservation and restoration
  4. Improve alternative transportation options
  5. Reduce GHG emissions
  6. Improve storm water management (including rain gardens, Guichon Creek)