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Campus Notices

Construction and maintenance projects are taking place around campus to keep all BCIT’s buildings, grounds and utilities running smoothly. Notices on this page include:

Construction notices

The following notices give ongoing information about the activity of various construction and renovation projects throughout BCIT campuses.

Maintenance notices

The following notices provide information about work to be done on elevators and utilities such as power, water, gas, or fire alarm systems. The building or the area of the building affected is also noted along with the date, time and nature of the shut down.

Elevator notices

Elevator updates on Twitter: Updates about elevator outages on the Burnaby Campus will be posted to our twitter feed,

For BCIT satellite campus elevator information, contact the Facilities Service Desk at 604-432-8777.

Burnaby elevator alternatives

Please refer to our map of all Burnaby campus elevator locations [PDF]. If a BCIT elevator is out of service there may be alternatives:

Out of order Alternative Type of accommodation
NE1 West NE1 East Elevator
NE1 East NE1 West Elevator
NE9 None Elevator
NE25 None Elevator
SE1 None Elevator
SE2 SE6 Elevator
SE6 SE2 Elevator
SE10 None Elevator
SE14 None Elevator
SE14 None Handicap lift
SE40 None Elevator
SE41 None Handicap lift
SE42 None Handicap lift
SW1 (Gateway) SW1, SW2, SW3 Elevator
SW1 SW1 (Gateway), SW2, SW3 Elevator
SW2 SW1, SW1 (Gateway), SW3 Elevator
SW3 SW1, SW1 (Gateway), SW2 Elevator
SW9 None Stairlift

For further information regarding construction notices and service shutdowns, please contact us.