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Guichon Creek is one of the most significant tributaries of Still Creek and runs directly through BCIT’s Burnaby campus. Named for a local pioneer family, the creek was a popular fishing spot in the early 1900s. As the century wore on, Guichon Creek was dammed, urbanized and partially culverted.  For decades it was sterile for salmon and other fish. In the 70’s and 80’s restoration work began at its south end and in 2006, the creek was restored to largely natural state thanks to the efforts of BCIT, students, the Rivers Institute and the City of Burnaby.

Trout and salmon still cannot currently navigate upstream through the underground section of the culvert.

Future plans for Guichon Creek

Arhitectural 3D render of Guichon Creek development.
3D render of a daylit section of Guichon Creek

The new Trades and Technology Complex includes plans to ‘daylight’ a section of Guichon Creek. This will complete the ecological restoration and yield a functional aquatic ecosystem that will be navigable for salmon and trout.

Work to restore the existing creek habitat will also continue with removal of invasive species like Himalayan Blackberry and Japanese Knotweed and planting of native plants that support pollinators and other species.


Guichon Creek Day

(as part of World Rivers Day)

BCIT will be hosting Guichon Creek Day on Wednesday September 20, 2023. More information about the day’s events to follow shortly.

Guichon Creek Trails

All the trails offer well-graded, flat walks through beautiful habitats beside the creek, and they are well-signed. The numbered points highlight points of interest and resting areas along the walk.

Guichon Creek Trail Map