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BCIT Computing recognizes that Indigenous students are underrepresented in the student population and industry. In accordance with the Institute’s equity plan, to encourage and support Indigenous applicants, preferred candidacy will be given to Indigenous students in select full-time computing programs.

To be considered under this admission category applicants must:

  1. Self-identify as an Indigenous (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) person of Canada on the admission application.
    Documentation of status may be required.
  2. Have successfully completed the program’s entrance requirements.

In competitive-entry diploma programs, students who meet the above criteria will be preferred candidates at the program deadline. For Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science (BScACS) programs with first-come entry, all eligible students may apply until the program is filled, and there is no need for preferred candidacy during early intake. When the program is wait-listing applicants, Indigenous applicants will be given waitlist priority.

Our programs also work closely with Indigenous Initiatives at BCIT to ensure students receive the best possible support and encouragement while in the program. Please visit Indigenous Initiatives for more information on available resources.

Check out the advice and experience from one of our Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma alumni.

Indigenous Scholarships & Financial Awards

Scholarships and bursaries are usually a non-repayable source of funds that help students with success while attending BCIT. A wide range of scholarships, awards, bursaries, and financial aid are available to Indigenous students to apply for. Please see the current list by visiting the BCIT Indigenous Initiatives webpage on Scholarships & Financial Aid.

In partnership with TD Bank and Mastercard, the Computing Department offers bursaries and entrance awards specifically for Indigenous Computing students. Up to $20,000 per year is available in multiple computing programs:

Individual funding will depend on financial need (bursaries) or achievement (awards). Application forms are available on the BCIT Bursary webpage during the months of January, June and October.

Alternatively, please visit Entrance Awards for more information about criteria, how to apply and a list of all Entrance Awards [PDF].

Or go to Student Financial Aid & Awards for a full list of all awards, scholarships, and bursaries as well as more information on eligibility criteria, and application deadlines.

Some advice from Rob Schulz, CST Alumnus

Rob Schulz, Computing alumnus, enterprise architect, and Shop First Nations founder

“My BCIT Computing education helped me immensely with where I’m at today,” says Rob. “Although the technical training was key for computer systems, the most valuable skills that have served me over the years are adaptability and teamwork.”

While Rob felt CST was great preparation for the workplace, it was a challenging program. He advises others to embrace the challenge, and know they will come out stronger and more confident in their ability to respond to change and find solutions. He also emphasizes the value of working in teams and prioritizing your homework.

His biggest single piece of advice? Manage your schedule to make the most of your time: “Ahead of your first semester, for example, this could mean taking some courses to lighten your initial workload.”

Finally, it’s not only about studying. Rob counsels, “Have fun, make friends – many of these connections will last a lifetime!”

Learn more about Rob