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The Liberal Studies Department at BCIT offers multidisciplinary courses in subjects such as English, philosophy, literature, history, mass communication, political science, and sociology.

These courses fulfill breadth requirements for students enrolled in the Institute’s many bachelor’s degree programs.

Arts and social science subjects offer technology students valuable breadth of knowledge beyond specific technical-program courses, as well as the opportunity to examine the assumptions, theories, and structures that govern an area of study.

Central to liberal studies are strong critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, along with an exploration, understanding and appreciation of key concepts such as historical development, ambiguity, and interdisciplinary thinking.

These courses also develop strategic and tactical skills that, in the workplace, promote information sharing, a client-focused approach, and knowledge transfer, helping BCIT graduates connect their specialty’s ideas and applications to other disciplines and wider social issues.

Courses in liberal studies usually mix students from diverse technology programs, involve class discussions, and encourage thinking “outside the box” of a specific BCIT technology.

The Liberal Studies department helps students develop and contribute creatively as individuals, professionals, and citizens, both within and outside of their specific technological disciplines.

Encouraging Students

 Sanja Garic smiling.

“As an instructor of Critical Reading and Writing, I try to encourage students to think critically and question established schools of thought. By providing students with tools to analyze texts and write with confidence, I help prepare students for careers in which analytical and leadership skills will give them a professional edge.”

– Sanja Garic-Komnenic, Liberal Studies Faculty

The training needed to respond to today’s ecological realities is often seen as technical. However, as students in Michael Bourke’s BCIT Applied Ethics class come to learn, technical skills can be just the beginning.

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