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Faculty – Computer Information Technology – full time or part time

Faculty – Computer Systems Technology – full time or part time

Interested in exploring teaching?

BCIT offers education for a complex world. Embrace the complex world and help prepare the next generation of technology leaders to explore the opportunities within it – PhD not required. At BCIT Computing you will use your experience, your training, your passion for technology, and your passion for teaching and mentoring to help our students learn to turn big challenges into new solutions.

Many kinds of opportunities

Computing instructor Jeff Yim has been teaching Object Oriented Programming 2 (part of the Computer Systems Technology Diploma). We asked him to tell us more about his background in games development, and how his career led him to BCIT.

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Current postings (full and part time)

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Part-time Studies opportunities (evenings and weekends)

Computing Part-time Studies (COMP PTS) is looking for current IT industry experts who would like to teach at night and on the weekends. We have expanded in several areas. PTS instructors ideally teach tools and techniques they use in their own day job.

The following courses may have current instructional opportunities:

If you’re a subject matter expert with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, are currently working in industry, and you’d like to explore teaching part time, please send us your resume and a cover letter describing what you’re interested in teaching.

What I learn when I work during the day, I get to teach at night. What I learn preparing and teaching my classes, I get to use for my work. It’s a mutually beneficial proposition.

Donabel Santos, Computing Part-time Studies instructor

BCIT offers full time faculty

  • Generous total compensation package which includes extended health, dental benefits, and an excellent defined pension plan
  • Professional development: access to funding, leaves, secondments, exchanges, and other opportunities for career development
  • Tuition waivers for BCIT courses and opportunities to apply for fully funded Master’s or PhD programs
  • Wellness and Employee Assistance programs, subsidized fitness facilities, a collegial environment

What’s to like?

Michal Web headshot smiling with brown hair and checkered shirt.

There’s no better place to grow — there are so many opportunities. When you teach, you constantly learn.  I’m also told when you teach young people, you’ll always feel young.  I’ll find out if that’s true in a few years!

Michal Aibin
Computing Faculty

Carly Orr Head shot smiling with black hair and glasses.

Aside from the rewards and fun that come with teaching, I appreciate having the summer off to spend with family.

Carly Orr
Computing Faculty

Trevor Lord Instructing with hand gestures.

It makes me realize every day that the experience I have, the skills I’ve developed, and my passion for teaching really can make a difference.

Trevor Lord
Program Head

Anton Kishchenko, Cloud Systems Architect at TZOA, decided to take giving back in another direction: he took time away from work to teach a half day a week for a term. “I believe giving back helps move the needle on what’s important.”

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