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We value playing a significant role in supporting industry and organizations in BC, from tech to public safety. There are many ways to connect with us!

Build the tech community

Teach for us

Want to mentor the next generation in high tech? There’s no better way than teaching. We have many opportunities in Computing – full time, part time, just one course per year (beyond computing, BCIT has many other career openings too). If there’s a new niche and you have an idea for a course, contact us.

Join the Team

Connect with our students


Have students work for you

We have a range of computing student project opportunities and co-op options. Try out some of our students before they graduate!


Post your job openings

You can post career opportunities for students and grads via BCIT’s eJob service. The BCIT Student Association also provides a series of channels to connect employers to students, including career talks, industry fairs, student mentorship, and a job listing service.


Speak to students about your company or careers

Our grads are highly sought-after in industry. Put yourself in front of the students to tell them about the great things you do. Or consider getting involved in our Program Advisory Committee. Please contact us to discuss suitable opportunities.