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Computing Flexible Learning

BCIT provides one of the largest offerings of Computing and IT courses across Canada.

School of Computing delivers over 100 COMP PTS courses every term at our Burnaby and Downtown Campus locations.

Our industry experts cover a wide variety of courses in: Web, Database, Application Training, Networking and Software and Mobile Development.

Your training requirements could be covered with our cost-effective PTS courses.

Here is a list of our current COMP PTS course offerings.
Computing and Information Technology courses

Registration is open to individual students on a course-by-course basis. We have three main term starts every year in September, January and April.

Smaller courses and workshops start throughout the year including a series of weekday, non-credit One-Day Workshops in-office application training.

Custom training services

Most “COMP” courses may be adapted for customized delivery, with or without credit.

Custom training options have a one-day minimum with a maximum of 20 students. Costs start at $3,000 per six-hour day on your site and $3,850 per six-hour day at BCIT if space is available. Materials, textbooks, and curriculum development are additional.

We can work with you to design and deliver a tailored training option for your organization.
Our publicly scheduled COMP PTS courses may provide a more cost-effective solution.

For more details about custom training services please contact Joanne Atha.