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The BCIT Communication Department is dedicated to providing students with the writing and speaking skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace.

We offer a wide range of courses, covering everything from writing emails and formal reports to delivering technical briefings and sales presentations. Please visit our course pages for detailed descriptions.

Communication Department members teach into technology diploma and degree programs and offer Part-Time Studies and Professional English Language Development courses and a Technical Writing program that leads to a Certificate.

The department offers language support tutorials linked to many Communication courses.  Students get free help with their assigned work in their Communication course and targeted English language development without adding to the student’s workload.

In addition to teaching, the Department provides services to other areas of the Institute such as Admissions and Student Services.

Our annual Presentation Idol competition showcases technical communication skills.

I was exposed to computers at a young age (DOS, floppy disks, and the like) and was captivated by the Internet when it arrived (long story, but I was a definite pioneer of Internet dating in the 90s…). Largely what led me to where I am now has been the desire to do what I love, while simultaneously earning money for it.

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