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Are you the next Presentation Idol?

Presentation Idol

10th Anniversary Presentation Idol 2021 – online

Our most recent event took place on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Check out the videos!

Congratulations to our award winners:

Judges’ Choice Awards

First place: Cody Pallin
Second place: Adam Janis
Third place: Rydhum Mann

Ecocity Legacy Award

Tamara Bogicevic

Judges’ Innovation Award

Cody Pallin

Audience Choice Awards

First place: Amanda Braunstein Markman
Second place: Cody Pallin
Third place: Rydhum Mann


  1. Amanda Braunstein Markman, Civil Engineering: Green Infrastructure is the new Default
  2. Nelson Federipe, Environmental Engineering: CryptoCurrency and Blockchain Technology
  3. Tamara Bogicevic, Civil Engineering: Blue-green Roofs
  4. Adam Janis, Civil Engineering: Bridging the Future of Construction with Mass Timber
  5. Rydhum Mann, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology: Wireless Electricity/Energy
  6. Cody Pallin, Civil Engineering: Defeating the Duck (The Energy Grid’s Greatest Challenge)
  7. John Wensley, Mechatronics and Robotics: Mars: The Greatest Challenge for Mankind

Judges for the Final Round

  • Fiona Hopewell-Jensen, Executive Producer, CBC News
  • Bill Li, Manager – Mechanical Engineering, Fluor
  • Patrick Stewart, Principal, AME Group
  • Jesse Unke, Director – Project Management, RAM Consulting
  • Jennifer Figner, Associate Vice President, BCIT

Presentation Idol was run online via Zoom.

What is Presentation Idol?

Eligible BCIT engineering and technology students, who have taken at least one BCIT Communication Department course, are invited to deliver a six- to eight-minute oral presentation on a technology-related topic. Students are encouraged to showcase and/or comment on innovation in engineering and technology, for instance by presenting their own designs, or exploring and commenting on new frontiers, such as technology for sustainability, cradle to cradle design for a circular economy, the intersection of engineering and social justice, societal impacts of technology, frugal engineering, and the like.

Up to 24 participants can enter the first round, and six proceed to the final round. See below for prizes – over $5000 in cash and prizes to be awarded.

Registration is on a first-come basis.


Judges’ Choice Awards

First place – $1000
Second place – $700
Third place – $400

Judges’ Innovation Award

$300 (Discretionary, may not be awarded by the judges every year)
For a presentation showcasing the student’s own innovation

Ecocity Legacy Award

$300 (Discretionary, may not be awarded by the judges every year)
For a presentation that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Contributes to sustainability
  2. Helps to balance use and renewal of resources
  3. Accounts for all costs and benefits of implementation
  4. Ensures safety and access to services by everyone

Audience Choice Awards

First place – $400
Second place – $300
Third place – $200

“You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills”

Warren Buffett


Eligible students are current students whose programs could lead them to membership in Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC), Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (EGBC), or Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) – Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals. Examples include students in any program with engineering in the name, as well as the Architectural and Building Technology Diploma, Architectural Science, Computing, Geomatics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Mining, Biotechnology, or other programs which lead to ASTTBC membership, from the schools of Computing and Academic Studies, School of Energy, School of Construction and the Environment, and School of Health Sciences.

Please note that a Judges’ Choice “Presentation Idol” can only reign once. If a first place winner wishes to participate in a subsequent year, they may be offered a role as moderator or other honour.

Learn to present like a winner

Wish you could present like a Presentation Idol winner? Hone your skills in a six-week evening course.

Presentation inspiration

Words of advice from T.J. Moon, past Presentation Idol winner:

  • Pick a topic you love
  • Present for yourself – enjoy the experience
  • A little humour speaks to everyone, everywhere, and every time!

Contact us

For more information, please email

Event note: ASL interpretation can be provided by advance request. If there are any additional needs you have in order to participate in this event, please contact us.

“…more captivating than a movie. The quality of the presentations was outstanding.”

Audience comment
Stacey Neves, Civil Engineering, Audience Choice Winner 2017

“Presentation Idol was an amazing experience. It provided an outlet to showcase and strengthen my presentation skills, while still being able to take away advice for improvement. It also allowed me to convey my passion for civil engineering to others – there is true value and beauty in this field of work which surrounds all aspects of our daily lives. If you are on the fence about participating, I would encourage you to just sign up and see where it leads you!”

See Stacey's presentation


Presentation Idol is presented by the School of Computing and Academic Studies, School of Energy, School of Construction and the Environment, and School of Health Sciences with support from:

AME Group

AES Engineering


BCIT Technical Writing Certificate Program


KD Engineering

Aplin Martin

Engineers & Geoscientists of BC

Thanks to our founders!

Presentation Idol was founded by BCIT Communication Instructors Katherine Golder, Deanna Levis, and Darlene Webb, with inspiration from Jean Scribner, in 2011.