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Examples of current student research projects

Curious about the kinds of research projects undertaken by our current students? Scared that when your time comes to complete a project, it might prove too much for you? Rest assured, other students have faced similar fears and gone on to complete insightful and informative projects such as:

  • Forensic Task Automation Platform: an innovative solution for gathering valuable forensic information from multiple network service systems and correlating this data to specific events.
  • Use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in areas such as social networking.
  • Redefining the Investigative Process: looking at legalities that may become obstacles to the investigation process.
  • Live Memory Forensics of Instant Messaging Conversations: determining the amount of information retrievable from a computer system’s volatile Random Access Memory (RAM) pertaining to instant messaging records.
  • Forensic Analysis of Private Browsing Mechanisms: tracing internet activities where a specific browser stores the information.
  • Database Log Forensics: looking at various available logs and transaction trails for forensic analysis.
  • Using search engines as an internet investigative tool.
  • Forensic analysis of car electronic systems.

Read about a Forensic Science student who recently presented her research internationally.

The students in the Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics option of our BTech degree program also conduct hands-on research in the context of their research graduation projects. Their research is applied, and thus addresses pressing challenges in the area of digital forensics and cyber security. Current research projects include:

  • Detection and analysis of keyboard interceptor code.
  • File system interceptor forensics.
  • Anti-debug forensics.
  • Industrial network decoys.

A recent Bachelor of Technology Forensic Investigation graduate presented his research project at two international conferences.

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