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The Physics Department teaches courses into health and engineering technology programs.

These courses are designed to meet program and student needs, and help future technologists develop the required skills to enable them to be successful in their chosen career paths. The courses differ dramatically in general content area, emphasis, and depth of coverage for various technologies, and include relevant technology applications whenever possible.

All courses have an applied focus. Most courses are algebra-based rather than calculus-based. Practical, hands-on, laboratory experiences are included in virtually all courses.

In addition to day school offerings, the Department offers Flexible Learning courses at the high-school equivalency and general first-year BCIT levels as well as, from time to time, specialized higher-level courses.

Please also visit the Commons site operated by the Physics Department for information about department members, videos, demonstrations, and lab resources.

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A collaboration between BCIT and UBC has created the world’s first atom-based pressure standard. This standard, which relies on the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, is a true quantum-based sensor. The applications of this BCIT patented technology include improving satellite performance and semiconductor processing — both multi-billion dollar industries. This breakthrough has placed BCIT/UBC at the forefront of pressure and flux metrology.

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