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Suggest applied math problems

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Building Better Math

We have many sample problems for our applied math databases, but always appreciate new ideas from industry. Do you have any real world problems you can share, in areas such as:

  • Algebra
  • Functions and Graphing
  • Geometry
  • Logarithms and Exponents
  • Trigonometry

Have an idea but don’t know what information we might need? Have a look at the following three example problems. Note that the completed questions are not live on the server.

Topic of question Question as submitted Completed question
Biomechanics, Physiotherapy and the Elbow Submitted Version Finished Version
Structural Engineering and Beam Design Submitted Version Finished Version
Marine Engineering and Wharf Design Submitted Version Finished Version

Ready to submit problem to us?

Have a look at what information we need to implement your suggestion [PDF] and then email us your problem with contact information to

Thanks for your contributions!


Biomechanics: Physiotherapy and the elbow

Structural engineering and beam design

Marine Engineering: Wharf design