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The BCIT Mathematics Department provides instruction to students in the School of Energy, the School of Construction, the School of Health and the School of Computing and Academic Studies.

Our goal is to prepare students with the mathematical tools necessary for careers in technical fields by emphasizing the relevance of mathematics to their career areas.

In addition to the regular day school courses, we offer a variety of math courses in a part-time study format. Some courses are intended for people wishing to upgrade their math skills; to learn more, go to Math Competency Testing or Upgrading Courses.

For questions regarding math related to any of the Business Programs, see the Operations Management Department (scroll to Operations Management Faculty).
For questions about the math in any of the Trades Programs, contact the Trades Learning Center.

Information about Building Better Math, an exciting project involving challenging real-world problems for high school students can be found on the Building Better Math website.


The vein network in plant leaves: Clues for adaptation to a warming world?

Dr. David Holloway, Mathematics Department, and Dr. Carol Wenzel in Biotechnology, had their paper published in in silico Plants, Oxford University Press. Their research helps identify what controls the vein network in plants, and was also profiled in Botany One. The work could lead to improvements in food supply resilience and reliability.

Learn more about plant veins