A database of applied math problems

The problem

Many high school students are avoiding math, and cutting off pathways to exciting technical careers before they even know about them. High school curriculum has few “real-world” problems. Leaders in industry and government worry about coming skills shortages, especially in technical areas.

Parents and teachers alike have heard the question, “Why do I need to learn this?” Concept by concept, it’s frequently difficult to come up with a convincing answer.

The solution

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Building Better Math

BCIT’s Math Department has had great success using real life, technology-specific applications to engage post-secondary students in the art of mathematical problem solving. We believe this excitement and interest in mathematics can be transferred to younger students if they are able to see the critical role of math in areas of geosciences, health care, engineering, renewable resources, oceanography, forensics, architecture and other industries.

To learn more, please explore these pages. If you would like to discuss accessing our database, please read about DigitalEd’s Mobius, the required software behind the problems, and then email us at bettermath@bcit.ca