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Collecting and analyzing evidence are vital to a successful investigation and conviction in a criminal case. In the Forensic Science Programs, students gain first-hand experience investigating simulated interior and exterior crime scenes and learn proper evidence collection techniques relevant to each type of crime scene.

To augment this, they also learn about the biological, chemical, and physical aspects of forensic science from recognized forensic experts, including pathologists, odontologists, anthropologists, and scientists (DNA, trace evidence, firearms/tool marks, imaging/videography, and more). Proper scientific methodology is emphasized as students learn the latest investigative techniques used by forensic analysts to collect, manage and examine evidence on-site, and in the lab.

When Brooke Ouwerkerk enrolled in the BCIT Forensic Investigation BTech degree program, her interest in forensics grew from “a spark into a burning flame”, and this has led to a rewarding career at Environment Canada.

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“The Combined Honours in Biochemistry and Forensic Science program is awesome. We’re only with a small group, so it feels like a family, and it makes it very easy to have a personal relationship with the instructors. Apart from understanding the science, you also learn about business management and communicating the science. And the program prepares you for pretty much anything, even Medical school or Law school. That’s the unique thing about this program; you can do it all!”

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