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This page contains a list of Communication Department faculty members. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, please contact the appropriate Program Head (below) or the department Administrative Assistant, Wendy Cheng, at 604-456-8089.

Program heads

Name Position Office Phone
Shannon Kelly, BA, MA, PhD Continuing Ed. and Technical Writing SW2-246 604-451-7065
Nathan Devos, BA, PhD PELD SW2-239 604-456-8069
Frank Schnurr Personnel SW2-242 604-451-6884
Jean Scribner, BA, MA Curriculum SW2-248 604-451-6977

Faculty members


Name Office Phone
Lisa Allen, BA, MA SW2-262 604-431-4968
Cath-Anne Ambrose, BA, MA SW2-239 604-456-7127
Gjoa Andrichuk, BA, MA SW2-243 604-451-6891
Kirsty Barclay-Estrup, BA, MA, BCT with CELTA SW3-4795 604-454-2252
Nathan Devos, BA, MEd, PhD SW2-258 604-456-8069
Thorsten Ewald, BA, MA SW2-257 604-451-7066
Nick Fox, BA, MA, MA SW2-253 604-451-6893
Katherine Golder, BA, MA, TESL SW2-247 604-451-6882
Lynda Hadley, BA, TESL SW3-4795 604-451-7185
Rachael Hunter, BA, MA SW2-253 604-451-7184
Derek Jamensky, BA, MA SW2-258 604-456-8174
Tessa Jordan, BA, MA, PhD SW2-262 604-454-2294
Sam Lee, BA (Hons), MA, TESL SW2-260 604-451-7127
Fiona Lemon, BSc, MA, TESL SW3-4795 604-451-7125
Deanna Levis, BA SW2-257 604-451-6855
Linda Meegan, BA, MA, PhD SW2-255 604-412-7456
Julie Nolin, Dipl, MA SW3-4795 604-451-7127
Gretchen Quiring, BA, MA, PhD SW2-247 604-412-7491
Matt Rockall, BA, MA SW2-258 604-456-8174
Frank Schnurr, BA, MA SW2-245 604-451-6884
John Storm, BA, MA SW2-245 604-431-4983
Darlene Webb, BA, MA, PDP SW2-260 604-451-7183
Susan Woo, BSc, Dipl Education SW2-243 604-451-6883
Bahareh Shahabi SW3-4795 604-451-7182
Caimen Yen SW3-4795 604-451-7125
Jacquie Russell SW3-4795 604-432-8229


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