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Put our students to work on your project

Please note that the video portrays student presentations from the Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma program. The Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma program has online presentations.

We’re currently accepting submissions for the fall/September term. The submission deadline is August 1.

BCIT’s School of Computing and Academic Studies has a long-standing reputation for producing graduates with job-ready skills for the IT industry.

The Industry Sponsored Student Projects program (ISSP) provides students with real-life experience by working on IT or software development projects directly from industry. Students work in teams or individually with an industry sponsor, proceeding through the development life-cycle to develop IT or software solutions.

The ISSP program is an important educational component and is of mutual benefit to both sponsors and students. Check out a recent project story or watch one of the latest student presentations online.

What’s in it for industry sponsors:

  • Meet and try out emerging tech talent
  • Projects accepted throughout the year
  • Possibility of viable computing solutions by skilled and driven students
  • Scope: 400 hours. Participation fee (if project selected): $500 (waived for non-profits)


“We don’t have the budget to develop this kind of software. This project was out of our realm of possibilities as an NGO, it wasn’t an option for us. We went from multiple spreadsheets to a single database – it’s such a vast improvement it’s amazing. No Salvation Army in BC has this software, and we can now share it BC-wide and beyond within our organization. It couldn’t have been better for us.”

-Jeffrey Baergen, Program Manager, Salvation Army Addictions & Rehabilitation Centre (ARC)

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