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Not sure where to begin?

  • COMP 1002 – Applied Computer Concepts
    COMP 1002 is the foundation for all Computing Part-time Studies courses.

Each of the following core courses is an introduction and designed to determine your interest in different aspects of Computing and IT.

  • COMP 1516 – Programming Fundamentals with Python
  • COMP 1630 – Relational Database Design and SQL
  • COMP 1850 – Introduction to Web Development and Design 1

Stand-Alone Associate Certificate credentials

Associate Certificates provide specific skills in each IT subject area with typically less than 10 courses in each program.

Computing Part-time Studies Associate Certificates (ACerts) must be completed in five years or less. Some credentials may be completed in two years

Computer Systems Certificate, Diploma and Degree

You can earn a certificate and diploma or degree in Computer Systems Technology (CST) entirely part-time, course by course and at night.

CST/PTS offers a series of laddered programs that together form higher-level credentials including a Diploma and Bachelor of Technology Degree.