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We offer stand-alone Associate Certificates and laddered credentials, enabling you to ladder towards a certificate, diploma, and degree in Applied Computer Science.

Stand-alone Associate Certificates

Associate Certificates (ACerts) provide specific skills in each IT subject area, with typically fewer than eight courses in each program.

The ACerts can not be completed in a full-time delivery, and each will require around two years.

Laddered Computing credentials

If you do not have any post-secondary education or related work experience and are interested in a long-term IT career, please complete a diploma at a minimum, and consider finishing a degree.

These milestones lead toward a degree in Applied Computer Science:


A few things to keep in mind before enrolling:

  • “Start with just one course”, to get a feel for the workload.
  • Please read the FAQs and the Computing Flexible Learning Student Guide.
  • Most students complete one or two courses per term, due to workload, prerequisites and scheduling.
  • Some students not working full-time may be able to complete three courses per term by following a department-prescribed course plan.
  • There are BCIT policies on credit overlap. Using the same credits in multiple credentials is limited.
  • You have five years to complete each diploma ladder credential and up to seven years for the degree.
  • If your goal is laddering to the CSC and starting with ACIS, please note that your choice of electives is restricted. Please see the ACIS course matrix for more information.
  • For questions about Computing Flexible Learning “COMP” courses and program planning, please contact us.