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Stand-Alone Associate Certificate credentials

Associate Certificates (ACerts) provide specific skills in each IT subject area with typically less than 8 courses in each program.

These Computing Flexible Learning Stand-Alone ACerts were designed for those with prior post-secondary education (diploma or degree) or related work experience. In order to be well positioned for a long-term career in Computing and IT, students will require more than a Certificate.

Please note: The majority of these Stand-Alone ACerts were designed for those not intending to complete the laddered credentials; ASD_ACIS_ CSC _CST/FLEX Diploma.

Most students working toward the CST/FLEX Diploma ladder start with ASD and ACIS. Please do not attempt to complete the Stand-Alone Associate Certificates along the way if your end goal is the CST Diploma. Courses and programs are subject to change, do your focus needs to be on completing the CST Diploma.

Approval will not be given for AWD, AND, AJD, ADAD, ANAD and WMA to those students who are working toward CSC and CST/FLEX Diploma. Students who complete ASD and who not plan to move on the CST/FLEX Diploma ladder may choose from 3 second level software development ACerts built on top of ASD. However due to credit overlap, approval will be given for only one (1) of AJD, AND and WMA.

Computing Flexible Learning ACerts cannot be completed in a full-time delivery model. Due to prerequisites and scheduling, most students complete 1-2 courses per term, These ACerts have a maximum of five (5) years for completion. They typically cannot be completed in any less than two (2) years each.

There are BCIT polices on credit overlap. Each program has electives, so students may not claim multiple Associate Certificates by using all the same courses for credit.

Computer Systems Certificate, Diploma and Degree

You can earn a certificate and diploma or degree in Computer Systems Technology (CST) entirely part-time, course by course and at night.

CST/FLEX offers a series of laddered programs that together form higher-level credentials including a Diploma and Bachelor of Technology Degree.

Most students working toward the CST/FLEX Diploma via the laddered credentials start with ASD and ACIS prior to CSC. If your goal is the CST/FLEX Diploma, please do not attempt to complete any other Associate Certificates on route. ASD and ACIS are the starting points.