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Agile planning and communication skills originally developed for IT are now applied to many aspects of consulting and development. Students practice self-organizing within small groups, learning to communicate with each other via incremental and iterative approaches.

Fall 2021 delivery mode: varies by course

  • Please check the individual COMP course schedule pages for delivery and location details.
  • Some courses in Computing Part-time Studies will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Other courses will be physically face to face and may include some blended online activities.
  • It may not be possible to complete a program entirely online, some courses may require attending the Burnaby or Downtown campuses.

Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

Scrum Meetings and Sprint Planning sessions reinforce the focus on process and adaptability throughout the project life-cycle.

By using Agile Techniques and the Scrum Frameworks, participants learn teamwork skills to improve collaboration.

Exercises implement Lean/Kanban techniques to reduce time and costs while focusing on goals with the Dynamic Systems Development Method.

Agile embraces moving quickly to find solutions, saving time and money over traditional methods in a wide range of sectors and environments.

Graduates will also have a computer science foundation in data modelling, business analysis and IT systems design.

Students practice applying the core values of Agile and Scrum

Entrance Requirements

Students in this program are required to use computers and have English reading, writing, and speaking skills. Specific prerequisites or equivalent knowledge are required for each course.

  • COMP 1002 or equivalent knowledge
  • BC High School Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Math, or equivalent knowledge

Note: This program is aimed at mature students with other post-secondary education and work experience.

The Associate Certificate in Agile Development is not designed for those students just out of high school with no other education or work experience. Those students should consider completing a Diploma or Degree in order to be well-positioned in the job market.

Full-time students who have completed the Computer Systems Technology, CST or the Computer Information Technology, CIT diplomas from BCIT will have (partial credit or advanced standing) in this program including earned credit for COMP 1630.

Part-time BCIT students who have completed a variety of Computing PTS credentials may have credit for specific courses.

Depending on electives chosen CST/PTS Diploma students may also earn this Agile Associate Certificate simultaneously.

Important Notice: Computing Part-time Studies is a course by course registration and this Associate Certificate was not designed for students on limited timelines. Due to prerequisites and scheduling, this program cannot be delivered with more than one course per term.

Costs & Supplies

All Computing Part-time Studies programs are course-by-course registration. Course tuition and books for this program are around $3,500 depending on if eBooks are chosen.

Specific textbooks are required for COMP 1630 and COMP 2831, which also have lower cost eBook options.

Students register and pay for available courses online, by clicking on the green block ‘Add to Cart’. Follow the directions to obtain a BCIT student number if you do not already have one.

Note: Please register early to avoid disappointment, our COMP courses are very popular and fill well in advance.


Program Details

Computer hardware and Internet requirements

Students must provide a current model PC desktop or laptop with a webcam, microphone and have high-speed internet access. COMP courses may use two-way audio and video as well as group work outside of class.

Participants must be computer literate in order to participate and complete each COMP course. Please contact the department via email: if you have any questions.

Note: Part-time Studies was not designed for full-time delivery or for those on funding timelines.

Agile Development may be completed in 3-5 terms, and not less than 1 year as the Agile specific courses were not designed for concurrent delivery.  These Agile courses may also be used toward several BCIT computing credentials.

The foundations of this program include group work, the communication of technical system specifications in writing, and oral presentations in a team environment.

Attendance, participation, group work, and an online component are mandatory.

After completing the core courses in Relational Database Design with SQL, plus Business Analysis and Systems Design, students may then complete the Agile courses in sequence.

Due to prerequisites and scheduling, it is not possible to fast track this credential in less than one year. Each course in this series has prerequisites. Students are not allowed to register in COMP 2833 or COMP 2836 currently as these courses build on top of each other sequentially.

  • COMP 2831 must be completed prior to COMP 2833.
  • COMP 2833 must be completed prior to COMP 2836.
  • COMP 2836 is the last course in the program after all other courses have been completed.

COMP 2833 students receive significant preparation to challenge Professional Scrum Master, PSM Certification from for an addtional fee.

COMP PTS courses may not be offered every term, email the department for schedule planning:

Graduating & Jobs

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

Edward Rubuliak, Chief Instructor
Joanne Atha, Computing PTS Coordinator
Kevin Cudihee, Computing PTS Program Head
Aaron Hunter, Acting Associate Dean, BCIT Computing

Advisory committee

This credential was developed by Kevin Cudihee, Program Head for BCIT Computing Part-time Studies, in conjunction with Ed Rubuliak, Chief Instructor.

Agile course concepts and development was led by Ed Rubuliak. Systems Analysis and Database courses were developed and are delivered by Ed Rubuliak, Frank Wegener, Glen Elliott, Pauline Panek, Mark Bacchus and Benjamin Yu.

The Associate Certificate in Agile Development was approved by the BCIT Computing Program Advisory Committee (PAC); the School of Computing and Academic Studies Quality Committee (SQC); the BCIT Vice President Academic; the BCIT Education Council (Edco) and the BCIT Board of Governors (2015).

Students on Limited Timelines

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students who require a minimum course load to retain eligibility for financial aid or international student status have no guarantees that all or any Part-time Studies (PTS) courses will be available in any given term.

Please understand that there is also no guarantee that the minimum required course credits can be sustained from term to term in PTS.

Most PTS courses fill quickly so space is not guaranteed and courses may be cancelled before term start if there is insufficient interest.

This may impact both the number of courses a student is able to take in any term and the time it takes to complete a PTS credential.

As a result, students may not be able to obtain the minimum credits they need or want in each term to continue in the program.

Computing Part-time Studies

Agile Development was not designed for a full-time delivery model of less than 1.5 years or 4 or 5 PTS terms.

Most Computing Part-time Studies credentials cannot be fast-tracked in less than 2 years due to prerequisites and scheduling.

Please make allowances for this 2 year minimum time requirement in your funding or student permit applications.

Part-time Studies courses are enrollment driven and not guaranteed to run every term.

Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

Contact Us

Please email BCIT Computing Part-time Studies:


General Inquiries: 604-432-8465

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