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If you’re interested in a career in cybersecurity, BCIT offers a number of programs to explore.

Industrial network cybersecurity

In 2019 BCIT launched a new Diploma in Industrial Network Cybersecurity

Forensics programs

If you already have a diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or two years of previous post-secondary study in a computing or IT field, these part-time options offered by BCIT Forensics may work for you.

Computing programs

If you have a limited background in computing, and are interested in a program that ladders into the cybersecurity field, you can start with one of these BCIT Computing programs listed below.

Once you’ve earned a CIT or CST diploma, you can ladder into a bachelor’s degree program with a specialization in network security.

BCIT Part-time studies

Check out our range of courses in Computing and Forensics non-credit workshops.

The School of Energy’s Cybersecurity Operations offering will upgrade skills in your current role.


To learn about areas of Cybersecurity research, or to collaborate with us, please email us.

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