Laddered Computing Credentials

Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma and Degree programs in Part-time Studies begin with Associate Certificates, which are smaller and more manageable credentials.

There is a maximum of 5 years to complete each separate credential up to the CST Diploma.
On the path to the Diploma and Degree there are 2 Associate Certificates which must be completed first.

Complete the ASD first to insure that you understand how to use programming languages.
Each Associate Certificate typically requires 2 years to complete by taking 1 course per term.

1.) Applied Software Development (ASD)
2.) Applied Computer Information Systems (ACIS)
(43.5 minimum credits, ASD + ACIS)
Some students may attempt both the ASD and ACIS simultaneously.
3.) Computer Systems Certificate (CSC)
(24.5 specific credits on top of the ASD/ACIS)
4.) Computer Systems Diploma (CST/PTS)
(60 credits on top of the CSC)
5.) CST Bachelor of Technology (CST BTech)
(60 credits on top of the CST Diploma)

The CST BTech Degree may be completed over 7 years part-time on top of the CST Diploma.

Please Note:
Most PTS students are not successful attempting more than 2 COMP courses at a time.

If want to fast-track the CST Diploma then you should apply for the full-time program delivery.