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We believe one of the most valuable things you can do at school is forge connections with fellow students and instructors. At BCIT, our unique cohort model and small class sizes ensure you truly connect with your peers.

Be part of a close-knit team

Our cohort model uses small class sizes and collaboration to bring students together. In your program, you’ll take all your classes in your cohort—the same group of 16–25 students for the duration of your studies. You’ll collaborate with each other as you learn from industry experts, and gain practical teamwork experience that will serve you in your career.

Small class sizes

Our small class sizes mean you get more one-one-one attention from faculty, and better opportunities to network with your peers.

  • Typical class size in a two-year Technology diploma program: 20–25 students
  • Typical class size in a Trades and Technical Studies program: 16 students

Working in groups of 2–10 students, you’ll tackle group assignments and projects, just like you will when you get a job in your industry. Through an emphasis on teamwork, you’ll develop the communication skills that will set you apart in the workplace and advance you in your career.

Innovative learning spaces

Our learning spaces are designed to spur applied learning. Students learn in a variety of settings, from our innovative classrooms, and state-of-the-art labs and shops to environments that simulate being in the field, places like Guichon Creek, our green roof and the Marine Campus pool.

In addition to these specialized facilities, students have access to a variety of collaborative work spaces, including the Learning Commons. There are also opportunities for peer tutoring, success seminars, and peer-led conversations to help you thrive at BCIT.

What’s next?

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