Application for Admission

The following steps are general guidelines to help you through the program application process. You should refer to your program's web page for more specific instructions to ensure your application is complete.

Step 1: Choose your program

What is your passion? What is your career goal? Knowing what you want to study is the first step.

Step 2: Meet the entrance requirements

To be considered for admission, you must meet or exceed the minimum academic requirements for your chosen program. Some programs also have non-academic requirements such as submitting program-specific forms, work experience or attending a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). Please be aware that some programs are competitive. Search our online program catalogue to check your program's specific requirements.

To show that you have completed, or are in the process of completing, the entrance requirements, you must attach documents to your online application. You can apply to most of our programs with midterm or final grades - please check your specific program for details. If you have questions regarding the entrance requirements, contact one of our program advisors.

Step 3: Prepare your application

Step 4: Submit your application online

Apply online using the BCIT Secure Information System:

  1. Create or search for your BCIT ID (student number)
  2. Follow the instructions to select and apply for your program
  3. Pay the application fee online by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express (payment is required or your application will not be processed)

Step 5: Check your application status

After you've submitted your program application, you can check the status of your application online. You will receive an email with information on how to log in to your account after you submit your online application.

Read more about what happens after you submit your application.