Math Upgrade Courses

The Mathematics Department offers, through part-time studies, the following courses which provide an equivalent to Pre-Calculus Math 12 for entry to BCIT. Please note that these courses may not be considered equivalent to Pre-Calculus Math 12 at any other post-secondary institution.

For upgrading courses in a full-time studies, day school format, see the Technology Entry program which offers courses in several different topic areas including mathematics.

For Business Programs see Business Math Upgrading (OPMT 0199)
For Trades Programs see the  Trades Learning Center

MATH 0001 Technical Mathematics

This course provides an equivalent to Pre-Calculus Math 12 that is acceptable for entry purposes to BCIT.

The course is offered several times per year starting in September, January and April. It runs two evenings per week for 15 weeks. In late May and late June the course is offered in a different format, running during the day, 5 days per week for 6 weeks.

The prerequisite for entry to this course is Pre-Calculus Math 11, C or better, or its equivalent.

MATH 0002 Technical Mathematics Review

This is an online preparatory course for the BCIT Mathematics Competency Test. The Competency Test can be used to meet Grade 12 Math entrance requirements for selected BCIT programs.

MATH 0004 Refresher Mathematics

Intended for students who have already met the Math 12 prerequisite for an engineering, computer systems, or health sciences technology program, but have not used those skills for some years. This course will help you refresh the skills you once had, in preparation for beginning your technology program at BCIT. It is a non-credit course which runs for two weeks in late August.

MATH 0007 Technical Mathematics Introduction

This course provides students without Pre-Calculus Math 11, or who have not recently completed Pre-Calculus Math 11, with an opportunity to refresh their skills enabling them to enter Technology Entry MATH 0005 or any program in Engineering, Health or Computer Systems Technology with a Pre-Calculus Grade 11 Mathematics entry requirement.