Skill Building Workshops and Accelerated Courses

COMP 1002 Applied Computer Concepts or equivalent ability using MS Windows and file management on networks is required.

Participants must already be functional in the use of a Windows PC, file management, and have a working knowledge of these subject areas.

These hands-on, instructor-led workshops are designed to increase confidence in day-to-day tasks using the following MS Office applications.

One-day weekday non-credit upgrading courses

One-day workshops are non-credit; those wishing to obtain BCIT credit for these courses have the option to write a PLAR exam for an additional fee.

Two-week accelerated credit courses

If you already know how to use prior versions of MS Windows and MS Office, consider upgrading your skills in only two weeks.

The following credit courses cover the same topics as the 6 and 12 week course sections.

There is a very large workload with an expectation of significant homework each day.

Accelerated sections meet Monday through Friday for 3.5 hours each morning.

There is a total of 17.5 classroom hours and 20+ homework hours each week.

These two -week sections are not for everyone.

Delivery is very fast paced, daily attendance is mandatory and recorded.

Students are advised not to attempt any other courses at the same time.

Six-week accelerated credit courses

If you already know some HTML web scripting you may consider upgrading or fast-tracking your skills in only six weeks.

The following accelerated course sections cover the same topics and depth as their twelve-week counterparts.

There is an expectation of attendance, 6 hours in class and 16+ hours homework each week.

Students are advised to calculate their workload before registering in any other courses at the same time.