Professional English Language Development

BCIT's Professional English Language Development (PELD) courses help you improve your spoken and written English. Whether you need to upgrade your English skills in order to enter a BCIT program, are already a student and want to strengthen your skills, or are interested in developing better English for work, we are here to help. Our courses cover a wide range of skills including oral fluency, reading, writing, presentation skills, and listening.

About the PELD program

The tuition portion of our PELD courses is currently free for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents but students are still required to pay for ancillary fees, such as BCIT ID card and student association fees.  To register for our courses, you must do so over the telephone at 604-434-1610. Please be mindful that online registration will not be permitted at this time.  

Registration for our PELD courses work on a first-come first-served basis only. We do not reserve seats for PELD students at any time. In addition, taking either the COMM 0015 or COMM 0033 assessments will not guarantee students a seat in the next available section(s). For example, if you choose to take the assessment(s) in August, we will not guarantee that you will find a seat in our courses that will begin in September. Therefore, we highly encourage students to register for our assessments and/or courses as early as possible (a couple of months before the course start date). Once the courses are full, we will not accept any more students.

Note: All students who are required to take the assessments are responsible for paying the test fees with no exceptions. The fees are also non-refundable but if students would like to reschedule their test date, they must pay a transfer fee and contact the Registration office at 604-434-1610 before the date and time of your original test date.

Our program will allow students 12 months to move from one level to the next. For example, if you finished COMM 0071 (level 1) in September, you will have until the following September of next year to register for COMM 0003 (level 2). If you do not register for the next level within 12 months of completing the course, you will be asked to retake the COMM 0015 and/or COMM 0033 assessments again or provide another valid IELTS, TOEFL, CLB, or English 12 score for re-placement.

Flexibility and convenience

PELD courses are offered part-time, so you can attend classes when it is most convenient for you. We offer classes on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends either at the Burnaby or Downtown campuses. All of our reading and writing courses consist of 84 hours in the classroom and take roughly 6-7 weeks to complete each level. Conversely, all of our speaking and listening courses consist of 45-50 hours in the classroom and takes roughly 5-15 weeks to complete each level depending on your course schedule.

Our goals

The PELD courses are designed to: