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Take your education outside of the classroom. When you study at BCIT, you work alongside real people, using industry tools—and learn in the kind of environment you’ll see on the job.

Learn by doing

When you study at BCIT, 40–50% of your learning happens outside of a traditional classroom.

Depending on your program of study, you’ll test your newly developed skills through:

  • Projects in labs or shops
  • Internships
  • Industry-sponsored projects
  • Practicum assignments
  • Co-op training

Explore internships and practicum opportunities

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Experience the industry

You’re not just learning any course from any instructor—our curriculum is shaped by industry, and our instructors are professionals who have returned to the classroom to share their experiences with tomorrow’s leaders.

When we design each program, we consult with real employers who are known leaders in their field, to make sure the skills you learn today meet the workplace demands of tomorrow.

Our deans also meet regularly with Advisory Committees, ensuring our courses always use the latest software and technology—and that the curriculum keeps you ahead of the industry curve.

Meet the industry experts

Enhance your resume

As you study at BCIT, you’ll be gaining new, hands-on skills and experiencing real work environments. Through project-based learning, applied research, and internships, practicums, or co-ops, you’ll gain the kind of real, valuable experience that employers are looking for.