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Setting your student up for success

As a Co-op supervisor, you are a partner in educating a student in your field. Supervising a Co-op student may look a little different than supervising a full-time employee. How can you support your Co-op student to ensure a positive and productive experience for both of you? Hear from a supervisor with tips that applies to students in all fields.

Supervisor toolkit

In addition to outlining Employer Responsibilities, we have gathered best practices from employers who have successfully worked with Co-op students over the years. Successful work terms are based on the acknowledgment that students are learning and developing. Employers have recognized that Co-op students can also bring a fresh perspective and new technical knowledge to the workplace.

Want to take the toolkit with you on-the-go? Download a printable version.

A positive Co-op experience builds your company’s reputation as a place where students will want to work – as a Co-op Student and a full-time employee. What could be better in these times of skills shortages! For guidance in creating that positive experience, check out the additional information below.


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