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4 steps to securing your Co-op or Internship experience:

1. Prepare your Job search documents:

Learn to put together an excellent resume and cover letter as part of your preparation for your Co-op, Internship, or Practicum. This can take place during Co-op pre-employment courses, Communications courses, or Internship prep courses. The BCIT Student Association Career Services also has workshops and individual appointments to help you.

2. Apply to postings

eJOBS holds job postings for co-op students, internships, practicums, even summer employment. Your program area will also have additional job postings and industry contacts for your field.

Review the opportunities for the job tasks, location, and other factors that may be important to you.

Submit your resume and cover letter for the positions that interest you. Student job opportunities are competitive as students from other post-secondary institutions may be applying for the same roles. Make sure to apply for as many positions that you are eligible to increase your chances of getting interviews.

3. Attend an interview

Employers and industry partners will review all the applications and select candidates to interview. Partners may contact you directly to arrange an interview or it can be arranged through BCIT, such as the Co-op office. Interviews can take place in person at the employer’s office or online.

4. Accept a job offer:

The employer or industry partner will make a job offer and discuss with you the terms, such as job duties, salary, start and end date. If you have any questions, consult with your Instructor or Co-op Coordinator. Once you accept a position, you make a firm commitment to that employer for the period of your Co-op or Internship.

Finding postings for co-op, practicum, and internships:

In addition to your program area providing contacts and job postings specific to your discipline, eJobs is BCIT’s job board. eJobs holds job postings for co-op, internships, practicums, even summer employment. Co-op and Internship positions specific to an academic program will be on eJobs and will only be viewable to students in that program.

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Once a student is placed in a Co-op position, they will be registered by their Co-op Coordinator in the appropriate work term course. Co-op students will be provided specific information by their Co-op Coordinator as to fees and payment processes for their particular course. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their course tuition fees are paid by the due date.