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Why hire a BCIT student

BCIT offers a broad range of programs to help you meet your need for well-trained entry-level employees. Many of our students have previous work experience and some already hold degrees, diplomas, and/or certificates obtained before their time at BCIT. BCIT’s students are capable of making an immediate contribution to the goals of the organization.

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How it works

Hiring Process

We’ve made it easy to hire a BCIT student. Our application and interview process differs from role to role. As an institute with a vision of empowering people, we want to prepare you for the hiring process.



Hiring Co-op and work placement students can be beneficial to your organization. To ensure success in the workplace for both students and employers, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the responsibilities.



A positive student experience builds your company’s reputation as a place where students will want to work – as a student and a full-time employee. Funding and hiring resources are available to help you integrate students into your company. What could be better in these times of skill shortages!

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Interested in hiring?

If this is your first time hiring a BCIT student or you are in need of assistance, we recommend contacting us for more guidance.

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