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WIL Application Requirements

Most of BCIT’s full time programs have a Work Integrated Learning component. Please check your program’s pages to see what types of experiences are available for your program. Some have mandatory requirements (such as a co-op, Industry project or internship), others have an optional or selective process to participate in the co-op program.

Learn and earn

Work placements allow students to apply their classroom knowledge and develop new skills in a professional setting. Students can choose to work in a variety of fields within their program area. Many work placements are also paid which helps students with their educational costs.

Learn about Work Experience Programs

How it works

Job search process

Learn more about preparing an application for Co-op, just as you would on a job search.
Learn more about job search process

Benefits and Expectations

Students benefit from diverse opportunities at many different employers from a broad range of sectors and workplaces including public organizations, non-profit agencies and large corporations, to small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

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Student Resources

If you are unable to participate in a Work Integrated Learning program, there are other on-campus resources to help with your career development and job search skills.


Ready to apply?

Co-op provides students with pre-employment training, personalized coaching and exclusive access to an online co-op job board. We work with you closely to secure a co-op position to launch your career.