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Required: Co-op work terms are mandatory as per the program schedule illustrated below.

The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (Honours, Co-op) is a joint initiative of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Biotechnology Program and the University of British Columbia, Department of Microbiology and Immunology.


This unique Bachelor of Science program combines the world-class science curriculum available at University of British Columbia (UBC) with the extensive industry-focused laboratory training available at BCIT.

The program is structured to emphasize processes such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, business skills, and professionalism, as well as discipline-specific theoretical and practical training.

The program goals are to:

  • blend the strengths of BCIT and UBC to offer the practical, broad, interdisciplinary program needed by the biotechnology industry to sustain its growth;
  • provide the graduate with breadth and depth in the areas of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, molecular genetics and bioprocessing;
  • include practical training at BCIT and in the four compulsory work terms; provide graduates with an understanding of the biotechnology corporate environment

Program schedule

BCIT Biotechnology students are available for placement from May to August and September to December each year.

Year Fall Winter Spring/Summer
2 Academic Term 1 Academic Term 2 Co-op 1*
3 Academic Term 3 Academic Term 4 Co-op 2*

*4 or 8 month work term

Student profile & capabilities

BCIT attracts students to the Biotechnology program who wish to take advantage of the increased lab time, small cohorts and practical skills training.

Students typically do their work terms in public health (BC Centre for Disease Control), private biotechnology companies (adMare) or in academic labs (Michael Smith Labs).

After completing two co-op work terms at BCIT, students return to UBC to complete two more work terms and three academic terms.

Co-op job title examples

  • Research Assistant
  • Lab Assistant
  • Lab Technician

Student testimonial

“My entire Co-op experience was wonderful. I know the experience will definitely help me in my future career and my learning at school.”


Student testimonial

“This summer has been a great experience and helped me see that research is a possible career for me in the future.”


Employer testimonial

“This student showed exemplary performance as a laboratory research aide. She surpassed all my expectations of a student trainee.”