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You have an option to apply to join the co-op program stream, which is a competitive process. Information on the application process to co-op will be provided during the first term of your program. Students in the co-op stream maintain full time student status while registered in a co-op work term.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science (BScACS) degree will prepare graduates with advanced computing skills for careers in the computing profession as software engineers/developers, software designers, security analysts, game developers, etc. The program will prepare students for the challenges of the computing field by giving them knowledge (breadth and depth) that combines theory and practice, and by offering opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem solving and creative abilities. In addition to the applied nature of the BScACS program, the curriculum also provides an excellent academic foundation for graduate studies in either computer science or applied computing. 

Students in the 2 year BSc ACS program will have graduated from 2 year Computer Systems Technology diploma program (CST). Students choose a specialization such as Games Development or Network Security Applications Development 

For more information on the programs, including an overview of the curriculum, please visit Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science 

Program Schedule 

Students in the BSc ACS Co-op program are available for eight or twelve month paid work placements commencing in either January or September with the same co-op employer.







(International students)

(Domestic students)



(International students)

Fall Academic Term 5 Academic Term 5
Winter Academic Term 6 Academic Term 6 Academic Term 5 Academic Term 5
Summer Break Break Break Break
Fall Co-op 1 Co-op 1 Academic Term 6 Academic Term 6
Winter Co-op 2 Co-op 2 Co-op 1 Co-op 1
Summer Co-op 3* or Break Break Co-op 2 Break
Fall Academic Term 7 Academic Term 7 Co-op 3* or Break Co-op 2
Winter Academic Term 8 Academic Term 8 Academic Term 7 Academic Term 7
Summer Break Break
Fall Academic Term 8 Academic Term 8

*Co-op 3 is a continuation of employment with previous employer, resulting in 12 months of employment with one employer. This is available to domestic students only.

Employers may submit job postings year round. However, the co-op office normally solicits job descriptions in August for the January placement period and in May for the September placement period. Students from the Computer Systems Technology and Computer Information Technology diploma programs can also apply for computing related roles. 

Student profile & capabilities

All students enrolled in the BSc ACS Co-op programs must meet high academic qualification criteria; complete at least two successful academic terms, as well as pre-employment training before their first work term. 

BSc ACS students are developing advanced computing skills and have the following capabilities: 

  • Client/Server applications 
  • Game development 
  • Wireless and mobile applications
  • Security applications 
  • Systems Administration 
  • Networking 
  • Programming (object oriented) 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Software development processes 
  • Communication (oral, writing, and documentation skills) 

Co-op job title examples 

  • Game Developer Co-op 
  • Software Development Co-op 
  • Software Engineer Co-op 
  • Cybersecurity Co-op 
  • Network Administrator Co-op 
  • Systems Analyst Co-op