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Hiring BCIT Workplace Education (Co-op) students can be beneficial to your organization. To ensure success in the workplace for both students and employers, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the responsibilities.


  • Develop accurate and informative job descriptions which reflect the duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Include a salary range on the job description in accordance with B.C.’s Pay Transparency Act
  • Provide meaningful tasks in the student’s field of study, where the student is engaged in productive work rather than merely observing
  • Abide by the Employer responsibilities in B.C.’s Employment Standards Act, including providing wages for work performed
  • Create a safe work environment as well as ensuring paid students are covered by work place insurance
  • Establish clear learning objectives with the student at the beginning of the work term
  • Give an orientation to properly acquaint the student to their new location, organization, duties, safety procedures, and learning opportunities
  • Be a partner in education by ensuring the student’s performance on the job is appropriately supervised, learning opportunities are available, and feedback is regularly provided to the student
  • Supply increasingly more challenging tasks, responsibilities, and learning opportunities to help students develop skills
  • Complete any employer’s evaluation of the student’s performance which may be part of the student’s grade for the course. Evaluations can take place on site in person with a BCIT staff or instructor and/or an evaluation form
  • Arrange an exit interview with the student to review their on-the-job performance, learning outcomes, and discuss plans for subsequent employment industries.
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