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What  you need to know:

Most of BCIT’s full time programs have a Work Integrated Learning component. Please check your program’s pages to see what types of experiences are included in your program. Some have mandatory requirements (such as a co-op, Industry project or internship), others have an optional or selective process to participate in the co-op program.

Types of Work Integrated Learning

Co-operative Education:

Co-operative Education consists of alternating academic and paid work terms relevant to the academic program. Co-op students are provided support in employer skills training and securing a position. Co-op work terms are longer in length, ranging from 15 weeks – 33 weeks per work term.

BCIT has 14 Co-op programs in different industries ranging from trades, computing, marine, engineering, and Biotechnology.

Mandatory Co-op Programs

Students enrolled in diploma/degree programs with a mandatory Co-op component will need to complete Co-op work terms as part of completion.

Optional/Selective Programs

Some programs offer Co-op as an option to enhance their academic studies. Students in these programs apply and are selected based on: academic standing, minimal grade point average, strong desire to gain practical work experience, and positive work ethic and attitude.

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Applied Research or Industry Projects:

Apply the skills learned in the program to solve a workplace problem in partnership with community organizations or industry. The project typically consists of a consultation, design, research, or development of a final product or report.

At BCIT, many full time programs will include a team based industry project as one of the courses. Your program areas will help connect you to Industry partners in your discipline.


An apprenticeship consists of on-the-job training, work experience and formal classroom technical training. BCIT offers apprentice training in over 20 trades program from the construction, transportation, mechanical and electrical industries.

Check out Apprenticeship services for the various ways to become an apprentice.

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Internships or Practicums:

Internships or practicums are shorter term work experiences than Co-op work terms. They can be part time or full time, paid or unpaid, and can range from 2 to several weeks in length. Many programs have mandatory Internship or Practicum components as part of course completion requirements.

For a list of programs with Internships or Practicums (excluding the School of Health): LEARN more about Internships or Practicums

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